The SAMR Model

The SAMR model (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition), created by Dr. Ruben Puentudura, is a model used frequently to guide our integration of technologies into our teaching and learning practices. His model challenges us to reflect on why and how we integrate technologies in the first place, reminding us that the ultimate goal of technology integration should be to transform learning activities in ways that would have been inconceivable without its existence, helping students build a deeper understanding of content. We need to move past just enhancing learning, teaching and assessment and instead utilise the myrid of technologies available to us to transform it.

SAMR Model for Technology Integration
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To give a practical example of how a simple activity could be transformed, consider this:

Example of an activity being transformed

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The 12 Apps of Christmas will introduce you to 12 mobile apps that you could use with students for a variety of different reasons. Our challenge to you during these 12 days is to reflect on how you might integrate them in such a way that will modify and redefine how you teach and how your students learn. Share your ideas at #12appsDIT or in the comments section below.

GlassesIf you would like to read more…

The SAMR Model as a Framework for Evaluating mLearning. D Romrell, LC Kidder, E Wood. Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks 18 (2), 2014.



8 Responses to The SAMR Model

  1. I am looking forward to #12appsDIT and thinking of technology in terms of this SAMR model 🙂

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  2. this is a great initiative and looking forward to getting started….

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  3. Looking forward to trying this out.



  4. Avril says:

    Really interesting. The SAMR model well explained – my learning curve has definitely steepened but looking forward to it.


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  6. Tenzin YW says:

    I like the SAMR model and agree with it that it should transform both teaching and learning experience. Love the example btw.


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