App No. 9 (Dec 11th) Evernote

Evernote Logo Evernote

The elephant never forgets and so Evernote’s logo is very apt! Evernote is an app that allows you to store everything and anything all in one place, in addition to helping you managing your expenses, plan your business travel, and collaborate with others on projects! It has made the New York Times ‘Top 10 Must -Have App’ list, and has won TechCrunch Crunchies, Mashable Awards and the Webbys. It available on both iTunes and Google Play and it’s free!

Evernote is also available online and you can download it to your computer as well.

Red pin What does the Evernote app look like, what does it do, and how do I start using it?
Evernote might take a little longer for you to get your head around than any of the apps that we’ve looked at so far in this series. There is just so much that it can do, and the more you use it the more useful it becomes! Save, tag, share, and subsequently search for, handwritten notes, typed notes, photos, clipped webpages, audio files, and documents etc. etc.

The best thing you could do right now is spend 6.07 minutes of today’s 10 minutes watching this humorous animated video, which explains it all in a nutshell!


IFTTT logo Remember the ‘If This Then That’ (IFTTT) recipes discussed when reviewing app #7 Instapaper? Well IFTTT recipes can be used with Evernote too! Consider the following, which I have linked through to the specific recipe itself. More recipes that relate to Evernote can be found by clicking here.

If I archive an article in Instapaper, send it to my Evernote account

If I favourite a tweet, send it to my Evernote account

If I add a meeting to my calendar, automatically create a meeting notes document in Evernote

If you are, by now, totally intrigued and want to get started with Evernote straight away, go to these 8 easy guides compiled by Evernote , or watch the Evernote Animated tutorials on YouTube as was suggested in the video above, and become a pro in no time.

Red pin Can Evernote further enhance, or even transform, student activity in the higher education context?

yellow square orange square At a very basic level, you could use Evernote with your students to enhance their learning experience by acting as one substitute for all of the variety of different methods that you might have in place for sharing content with them and for collecting their assignments and projects. As well as accessing content etc. shared by you, your students could also use Evernote themselves to keep all of their own notes, assignments, and research all in one place, and in tandem with your shared notes, thereby helping them to be a lot more organised and potentially much more productive! They can share ‘notebooks’ with you and with their peers. An Evernote Premium user (at a cost of €5 a month) can allow others to edit those shared notebook which adds a layer of functionality that further enhances the learning experience.

blue square green square Reflective ePortfolios are used at higher education level to help us as educators prepare our students to be critically reflective practitioners in their chosen field. (For further information on reflective eportfolios and their immense value for learning, click around the International Journal of ePortfolio for some really interesting reads.) Despite its merits and our best intentions however, eportfolio keeping can sometimes be seen by our students as a ‘bolt-on’ activity that they are ‘made’ to do. The reflective work displayed in these types of eportfolios can be contrived somewhat and, in many cases, written retrospectively. In these instances, the process of  reflecting ‘in the midst of action’ (Boud et al. 1985) has not been harnessed and, as a result, an immensely valuable opportunity for learning has been lost.

The use of mobile technologies could be key to encouraging authentic ongoing in-the-moment critical reflection by your students. If they are using Evernote anyway, this valuable reflective process could be integrated seemlessly into their daily learning processes supported by the vast range of tools Evernote offers them, such as text notes, audio, video, photos and digital documents etc. and the ability to tag each and every one of them.

Red pin Optional Task
1. Download the Evernote app either the iTunes App store or Google Play
2. Create an account and log in
3. Create your very first note in the form of a ‘To Do’ check-list for Christmas and tick off the items as you complete them. There are only 13 more shopping days left to Christmas now you know!! Click here for a 48 second video on how to create check-lists.

Twitter logoTwitter
Don’t forget to tweet #12appsDIT your opinion of this app, or indeed post a comment below. Let us know your ideas on how to use it effectively with students to transform teaching, learning and assessment practices. The more we share, the more we learn!


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