App No. 6 (Dec 8th) ThingLink

thinglink logo thinglink-word

‘Thinglink Mobile’ is an app that allows you to create,very easily, interactive images, infographics, photos, and presentations by ‘tagging’ your image with video, text, photos, music and podcasts etc. It can be installed on your mobile device and is available on both the iTunes App Store and on Google Play for free. ThingLink is also available online if you’d prefer to use it there.

A ThingLink about ThingLink!

Unfortunately, an interactive ThingLink cannot be embedded into, so I’ve linked it from this static image of it below. When you get to my ThingLink, click it to get started and then click all the little red icons that display on it to access my embedded media.

screenshot of my thinglink

I made this interactive ‘ThingLink’ on my iPad mini, then logged into the web based application to get the weblink so that I could share it with you here.

Red pin Optional Task
1. Download ThingLink Mobile from either the iTunes App store or Google Play
2. Take a photo of your office
3. Embed a random YouTube video and some text
4. Log into the web based ThingLink and using the share options available, post your saved ThingLink to Twitter for the group to see!
5. Search for some of the 12 Apps participants’ streams as you see their ThingLinks appear on twitter @12appsDIT. My username is Boylanfm if you’d like to search for, and follow, a ‘stream’ to test it out.

Twitter logoTwitter
Don’t forget to tweet #12appsDIT your opinion of this app, or indeed post a comment below. Let us know your ideas on how to use it effectively with students to transform teaching, learning and assessment practices. The more we share, the more we learn!

All materials provided on The 12 Apps of Christmas at DIT blog are licensed under a Creative Commons Licence
CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.



7 Responses to App No. 6 (Dec 8th) ThingLink

  1. ltsunderland says:

    We use the web based ThingLink with great results, as you can take the embed code and paste it directly into a page of our VLE to make an engaging learning resource in minutes.

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  2. lauramc2012 says:

    I also have used the web version and then embedded into Blackboard for an online course. I liked the web version, but have just downloaded the app and am going to explore it now. Thanks for flagging it.

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  3. Lucia Cloonan says:

    Great potential with this app for students to create, share and discuss. The fact that they can then use it as a final presentation for assessment is a bonus.

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  4. I have just used this app to give very quick feedback to one of my first year photographic students. The fact that I could do with without going into Photoshop or Word was great. I was also able to post the link to all students so everyone has the benefit of the feedback. As a teaching/feedback workflow this is great; do once – access many times. My next step is to get the students to do their own feedback and share with the class.

    This is a link to the page:

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  5. lauramc2012 says:

    I like this,the app is actually better than the web version, thank you.


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